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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Family Pictures December 2017

 Family Pictures from this year.  We always have fun with our friend who takes them. He does a fantastic job of capturing our families personality. 

 Brandt turned 9 this fall and Hunter turned 5. They are loving 3rd grade and pre-school. 

 Some of my favorite shots are the silly ones. 
I love these boys!!!!

Friday, November 11, 2016

Annual Family Pictures 2016

We had a great friend take our pictures this year. He did a great job of capturing our family. We think they turned out pretty amazing!  Love this family of mine!

Andrew and I (Rheanna) recently celebrated our 15th anniversary.  We feel so thankful to get to go through life together! 

Brandt turned 8 this week. He is in 2nd grade this year and is having a good time with his class. He is thoughtful, kind, goofy, and so much fun. He is loving all things Legos, Star Wars, Pokemon, and Super Heros. He loves riding his bike, playing with his friends and cousins, and watching movies.  He has been playing piano for about a year now and is working hard at that.  He also played flag football and had a really fun team. He is still a fish in the water, who loves to swim and continues to dive. 

Hunter recently turned 4! He does a fun 'mom preschool' with me and a few friends. He is helpful, a love bug, super fast, and independent. He just started a gymnastics class and keeps saying "I LOVE GYMNASTICS, IT IS SO MUCH FUN!" He is always climbing, jumping, and flipping as he runs around. He loves Blaze (monster truck cartoon), his new big wheel, and playing with his friends and cousins. 

These boys are simply the cutest, best friends around!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Spring Break March 2016

Andrew and Brandt went on a Back packing trip together for 3 days. They went with my brother Mark and his family. Brandt loves hiking and exploring with his cousins. So many great memories they shared on this adventure!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

We like to move it, move it!!

 Throughout the year we love to keep active with the boys.  We all love swimming, so Hunter has been taking swimming lessons the last few months to get ready for summer. He is learning so much and is figuring it all out.
 Brandt's school does a great job of encouraging the kids to be healthy. They participate in the Kids Mercedes Marathon. Brandt and I kept track of 25 miles (we walked, hiked, or ran) during the months of October-January. Then we got to finish his last mile with the Marathon crew and got a finishers medal.  Such a great goal and we did it!

 Hunter has so much fun cheering Brandt on at his dive meet! Brandt did an amazing job the last few months adding to the dives he can do off the high board.  He was able to compete in both high and low board at a competition. He has worked so hard and it paid off. He got first on low board and second on high board. We were all so excited!

 In the morning after the boys get ready, and before Brandt heads off to school, Brandt and Hunter have been having fun playing together outside. They will toss the football, play baseball, soccer, or ride bikes.
For the last few weeks you can find us on Saturdays cheering on Brandt and his Soccer team.  He is doing Upward soccer through one of the local churches.  He is getting to learn to play and having a great time.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Family Pictures Nov 2015!

Family Photos! Taken November 2015 by our friend Anna Melissa Way!  She was awesome and captured some wonderful shots of this family that I love!

This...this is Hunter 100%!

 Brandt is 7 and in 1st grade. Played Flag football this fall and continues to dive and started piano lessons. He loves Math and is learning to be an excellent reader. He is kind, loving, helpful, a good friend, has an amazing memory, and enjoys listening to any music that has a beat! 

Hunter is 3 and does preschool once a week with mommy and a few friends. He got to play start smart soccer and LOVED kicking the ball. He gives great smiles, hugs, and giggles.  He loves to have fun, run, and be a part of all the action. 

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Have a Magical Day!

We were so excited to have our Disney World adventure last month. It was a wonderful, fun, exhausting, and magical time! It was amazing to me that there could be so much going on, but the cast made every effort to make sure everyone was having a magical time.  We loved the atmosphere there.  We all had our frustrated and tired times too, but that is part of it. We will take the good with the bad and keep our wonderful memories! 
Brandt LOVED roller coasters especially Rockin' Roller Coaster that goes upside down. Hunter loved the Buzz Lightyear ride where he got to shoot lazers like Buzz and defeat Zurg. He also loved the characters and was always jumping up and down "I am so excited' when he met all of them.  Andrew and I loved riding the rides and meeting the characters with both boys. Watching Brandt and Hunter have fun was probably the best part.  Here are just a few of my favorite hard to pick just a few! I think these ones show our families personality pretty well. We love to be together, have fun, laugh, and be silly together.  

 My new favorite picture!